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Insuring a vacant home at Rutherford Insurance Agency

Once a home becomes vacant, most traditional insurance companies will no longer provide insurance coverage! It will take a special policy to insure that vacant dwelling. Below is a list of dwellings that Rutherford Insurance Agency can insure if they are vacant.

  • Dwellings being repaired, remodeled, or renovated

  • Dwellings where the owner has been transferred with their job and the home has not sold

  • Dwellings that are in the name of an estate going through probate

  • Condo or townhouse that are vacant

  • Fully skirted mobile home that is anchored and/or on a permanent foundation

The agency is located in Sharonville, Ohio and weare licensed in Ohio and Kentucky. We have flexible terms such as 3, 6 and 12 month, and flexible payment options available.

Call 513-452-3699 for more information or to obtain an insurance quote.

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