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  • Are you in need of an SR22?

  • Have a DUI on driving record?

  • Are you a high risk driver that traditional insurance companies will not insure?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, at Rutherford Insurance Agency we can help!  We have several companies that specialize in helping individuals that have high points, need an SR22, have a DUI conviction, or reckless operation on their driving record. 


Call Rutherford Insurance Agency today so we can discuss your situation and provide you with options and a quote. 

What is an SR22?


An SR22 certification is a form that is filed with the state BMV, and is not a type of insurance.

An SR22 certificate of financial responsibility verifies that the named individual is carrying at least the state-mandated amount of auto insurance. The insurance company is guaranteeing to the state that you're maintaining coverage and are financially responsible for any accidents, and it will let the state know if you lapse your auto insurance coverage.



Who may need an SR22?


Regulations vary from state to state, but an SR22 is usually required for a driver to regain his or her license after driving-related violations, such as:


  • Multiple traffic offenses

  • A DUI, or other serious moving violations

  • License suspension or revocation

  • Violations for failure to maintain the mandatory insurance coverage required in your state.

  • Accident caused by an uninsured driver

Can I get auto insurance after a DUI?


Having a DUI on your driving record will cause your auto insurance rates to increase because 

auto insurance companies will classify you a

higher-risk driver. This is likely to be the case

with any auto insurance company.  In fact, most traditional auto insurance companies simply don't offer DUI insurance due to the high risk. 



How long will I have to pay higher rates?


As with most minor or major convictions, a DUI will raise your car insurance rates for at least

three years, and with some insurance companies five years.  If your state keeps the offense on your record longer than three years, and many do, it's common for this offense to affect your car insurance rates for five to seven years or more

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